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Ulta gets security film installed to prevent burglaries!

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As most business owners know a glass store front is an easy point of entry for a burglar. All they have to do is throw a brick through the window and they’re in and out in under 5 – 7 minutes before police can arrive. By adding Safety/ Security Film to your store front, you are taking away the would-be thieves time to take as much as they normally would if they get through it at all! Upon breaking the glass all of it is held in place by the window film so the glass although broken remains solid and attached to the frame so they cannot easily enter the building. Safety film comes in many thicknesses and shades also So give Adhesive Pro a call today and get your store front secured!


  1. I agree, this would help. But I am also thinking that this could not be applied to some businesses like malls, supermarkets, or any business that is open to public because they can initiate burglary inside the premises. I also find these useful to the windows of houses. I also have read some other useful techniques of choosing appropriate security systems to your home/business at

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      The material applied to the glass and sealed to the frames are to prevent burglary after hours. We don’t have a product that can prevent a burglary during operating hours, I would recommend a security guard and surveillance.

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