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Window Tint Replaced Fast at McDonald’s

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Just like people need their food fast, McDonald’s needed damaged tint replaced fast as well. The manager of a local McDonald’s called Adhesive Pro and explained that their current tint was so badly damaged in the drive through window that it had to be replaced ASAP. As busy as McDonald’s is we needed to schedule the tint job at a time that would be slow enough to get it done without interfering with the breakfast or lunch rush. We got in there and started removing the old tint right away and realized quickly that the windows would have to be closed while we were working on them. The film was not peeling off easily so we needed to scrape it and clean all of the old glue and bits of old tint off the glass until it was as clean or cleaner than when it was new. They complied with our request to close it down and they were able to serve the guests through one window while we stripped and tinted the other. Adhesive Pro was able to go in and complete the work in a fast enough time that McDonald’s had little or no interruption of service to their hungry customers.

Adhesive Pro and McDonald’s decided to use SunGard Reflective Silver 20% Window Tint for the drive through window so the employee’s have the best heat and glare reduction possible and a little privacy from the drooling and starving customers.

At Adhesive Pro Window Tinting we are dedicated to this type of service for our customers. We jump through hoops so our clients can get back to their normal routines as quickly and painlessly as possible. Adhesive Pro wants to be a step above other tint companies and by this type of service we think we are well on our way to achieving that goal.

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