Glare Reduction at Cotton Patch in Ennis, TX

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When building a new restaurant the builders think of everything, or do they? A lot of times windows facing south and west are the worst for a restaurants serving dinner in the evenings. The sun tends to hang around all day in the southern sky and then intensify as it sets in the afternoon or evenings every day. This can cause for a lot of glare that can make for a very unpleasant place to eat your dinner. Nobody wants to sit in direct sunlight while trying to enjoy a nice evening out with the family. Sometimes builders forget about that little detail when perfecting an architectural masterpiece, but there is a quick and very efficient fix to this problem. Architectural window tinting is the answer to the small bump in the road that many architects over look. Window tinting is a great way to achieve significant glare reduction for many applications but especially restaurants like Cotton Patch or waiting rooms where people are trying to enjoy themselves and spend their hard earned money on a nice dinner with family and friends.

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